Skunklights Skylight

SLS/W (white LED/Lanyard)
Price: $27.95

SLS/W-C (clip)
Price: $29.95

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:: Clip Accessory ::

This is a high quality stainless steel clip that is perfect for clipping your skylight to your keychain, zipper, backpack, tent or anything else! Small, yet very durable and built to last. NOT SOLD SEPARATELY.

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Charging your Skylight

The solar powered skylight charges best in bright sunlight or under a bright lamp, but avoid getting the skylight too hot (don't leave it on your car's dashboard or other areas that might get very hot). Heat shortens the life of the rechargeable lithium battery. Also, deep discharging of the battery shortens its life. Try to charge your skylight frequently so the battery never discharges fully. This will ensure years of trouble-free operation.